Get the equipment you need now, pay later!

Overcome Budget Concerns
Leasing allows for the acquisition of needed equipment today while allowing you to keep your funds available.
Preserve Liquidity and Cash Flow
Leasing helps you keep your existing cash while maintaining and expanding your business credit. We can finance 100% of the equipment cost with affordable monthly payments on your terms and many times without a down payment or security deposit.
Tax Advantages
With the potential tax benefits of leasing are combined with the conservation of working capital, leasing can be a better alternative than paying cash for equipment (Section 179 of IRS Code)
Maximize Buying Power
Your payment will not change during the length of the lease. This means that regardless of inflation or increased prices, what you pay today will be the same through the years.
Other Features & Benefits:

  • Defer your lease payments for up to three (3) months
  • Customized lease programs
  • Approval process averages 1-2 days or we can use E-docs so there is no printing, faxing or scanning required making the process even easier

Whether you are starting a new business or have been in business for many years, our flexible leasing program can take care of your financing needs. Our goal is to make your dreams a reality.

We have the lending capacity, experience and knowledge to make this a simple and painless process. Whether you are opening a new location, expanding your current location, or updating and existing location, we can handle your financing solutions. We have a full range of financial options available – so give us a call Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ET.

5 reasons why financing can be a better alternative to a bank loan for you and your business:

  1. Convenience and Ease
    For most financing requests, we can make a decision with just a completed application.  Conversely, most lending institutions will require tax returns, financial statements, bank statements and projections. This can take hours to accumulate. Time that keeps you away from your business and being able to generate income. Most customers will have answers and financing options within 24 to 48 hours.

  2. Less Risk
    The only collateral pledged is the equipment being financed. Banks usually require a lien on ALL major assets of the business.

  3. Smaller Down Payment
    We do not require a large down payment on the equipment you are financing. In fact, sometimes no money down at all is required. On the other hand, bank loans may require up to a 40% down payment.

  4. Flexibility
    Leasing Services Division gives you more flexible options at the end of the financing. The equipment can be purchased at a pre-set price, or at fair market value.

  5. Tax Advantages
    Many of our financing options offer you the ability to write off 100% your monthly equipment payments. Bank loans typically only allow you to deduct the interest portion. Ask your accountant about the tax advantages to leasing.

Our medical finance program allows doctors, medical offices, hospitals, and medical related companies to quickly and cost-effectively acquire equipment and software. It streamlines the financing process with one-page applications, same-day approvals, and simple documentation. The program allows medical professionals to replace equipment, expand existing operations, acquire and build their practice. We understand the importance of speed and transparency in medical financing, and our experts can formulate an easy to implement strategy.

  • Simple Application Process
    One-page credit application to obtain an approval

  • Innovative Payment Structures
    Our financing is structured around your current and future cash flow requirements

  • Total Practice Financing
    Our product allows for professional solutions to be financed in conjunction with your equipment needs